Bare Bones

by The BenchWarmers Clique

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Since their latest release, the Benchwarmers took some time off to learn about the physiology and qualities of bone. Trav became a certified Marrow Cosmotologist. Jokes received an honorary degree from for his thesis on the frail frames of the elderly. Even Jewbei picked up a trade in the backbreaking field of Cartilage Mining and Hygenics. So its only natural that, after this short hiatus, the Bench come back with their new EP, Bare Bones! Jewbei has stripped the samples to their purest, most raw form, creating a rugged canvas detailing various forms of bony skullduggery. Why, they've even enlisted the cleaver-tastic contributions of a handful of reknowned butchers, such as George Spits, Knowledge Medina and more. The adult human body has 206 bones- pop Bare Bones in, and please them ALL AT ONCE. Thank us later.


released January 12, 2015

Produced by Jewbei



all rights reserved


The BenchWarmers Clique

Welcome to the Bench! Enjoy the sounds. Relax. It's only hiphop.

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Track Name: Bearded Lizard (Feat. George Spits of Llamabeats)
I think I said something rather gangsterish in there somewhere.
Track Name: Pour
Jewbei said something British, I'm almost fairly positive!
Track Name: Feed (Feat. Knowledge Medina, La Guardia, Serum, 6 Cardinal, H20 and Iron Ora)
Somebody said something about surfing whilst consuming a delicious cheese burger. Wasnt me. Whatevs.
Track Name: The Throne of Galactus *Bonus*
I think I said Turkey cheese waffles somewhere in there. Right?
Track Name: Bearded Lizard (Instrumental)
I mightve hummed towards the 6 minute mark. Wait for it......
Track Name: Pour (Instrumental)
You werent really shirtless, were you? TWO POINTS.
Track Name: Feed (Instrumental)
Lyrics are gonna cost ya for this one, buddy.
Track Name: The Throne of Galactus (Instrumental)
Jewbei owes me money. Jesus Shuttlesworth ALWAYS gets his money, dawg.